Analogowy Przełącznik Kramer VS-81SP

The VS-81SP is a high-performance bi-directional switcher for stereo audio speaker signals on terminal block connectors. The unit can switch any one of eight stereo inputs to one stereo output or one stereo input to any one of eight stereo outputs.

– Bi-Directional Operation – 8 x 1 input/output connections with bi-directional functionality.
– High Power Switching – 400W of audio power for each input and output.
– Handles High Impedance (100/70V) and Low Impedance (8/4&) Signals.
– Expandable – Cascades up to 7 units.
– Flexible Control Options – Front panel, 2 RS-232 (K-Router” Windows®-based software is included), RS-485, Ethernet, contact closure & IR remote (included).
– Standard 19 Rack Mount Size – 1U. Rack „ears” included.

Analogowy Przełącznik Kramer VS-81SP

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