Analogowy Router Kramer VP-8×8

The VP-8×8 is a high performance matrix switcher for computer graphics video signals, with resolutions ranging from VGA through UXGA and higher on HD-15 connectors. It can route any or all inputs to any or all outputs simultaneously.

* High Bandwidth – 400MHz (- 3dB) fully loaded.
* HDTV Compatible.
* Active Input Indication” reporting – Eachinput button on the front panel automaticallylights up when the unit detects a video signalon that input. When an input is selected to beswitched, the button changes to a different colorto indicate it is the active input.
* Vertical Interval Switching – Up to a 4 second(user selectable) delay for clean switching.
* Control – Front panel, RS-232 (K-Router”Windows® – based software is included), & RS-485, contact closure, & IR remote (Included).
* Front Panel Control Lockout.
* Take Button – Execute multiple switches all atonce.
* Memory Locations – Store multiple switchesas presets (salvos) to be recalled and executedwhen needed
* Standard 19 Rack Mount Size – 1U.

Analogowy Router Kramer VP-8×8

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