Stereo pre-amplifier with 2 stereo source & volume zones

The Apart PREZONE2, a multi-functional stereo preamplifier that allows you to independently control the music source selection and volume in 2 stereo zones. It gives you the possibility to mix the 2 microphone levels easily with one of the 4 music sources. The innovative and extremely intuitive design of the front panel will instantly indicate how to operate the progressive PREZONE2. The logical rear panel will give every installer an instant understanding on how to install the unit. It’s easy to distinguish the PREZONE2 from its competitors. Its higher signal to noise ratio, ease-of-use, logical design and versatile installer features makes it suitable for almost every professional audio application.

19″ (483 mm wide) rack mountingyesheight- rack units (1U=44 mm)2 U U
power supply100 – 240 VACzone outputs2 stereo
SPDIF outputnomusic level controlyes
MIC level controlyesVCA level controlno
source selection per zoneyesMIC inputs balanced2
inputs with Phantom power2Phantom power voltage48 volts
noise gate on MICnoselectable input dynamicsno
selectable output dynamicsnoline input balanced1
line input unbalanced4line input SPDIFno
tone controlyesRS232 (serial communication port)yes
wall panel controlsyespriority input contactyes
VOX muteyeschimeyes
emergency inputyespriority output contactyes
priority levels4frequency response (in Hz)20 – 25 k
applicable in 100Vyesapplicable low impedanceyes
Net weight product (kg)4


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