The Control 40CS/T is a direct radiating, high impact, 8″ subwoofer with a built-in passive crossover network enabling the Control 40CS/T to be used as part of a subwoofer-satellite system. When combined with the Control 42, the Control 40CS/T offers an extremely natural sounding and powerful subwoofer-satellite system that is perfect for applications requiring wide bandwidth and superior sonic performance with minimal visual impact. The system can also be used via an active crossover design with the rest of the Control Contractor in-ceiling line for superior bass response and can be operated off a 70V / 100V distributed line or in direct mode.

Features :
Extended Bass Response with
Maximum Impact
Passive Crossover Network for
Easy to Install Subwoofer-Satellite Systems
Switchable 70V/100V or Low-Z
Elegant design fits any décor

Specifications :
Frequency Range : 32 Hz – 300 Hz
Power Capacity : 200W program,
100W pink noise
Sensitivity : 95 dB (near corner),
89 dB (center of ceiling), 1W, 1m
70V/100V Taps : 80W, 40W,
20W (& 10W at 70V only)
Nominal Impedance : 8 ohms
Component : 8 inch (200 mm)
long-throw woofer
Termination : Screw-down removable
locking clip-in connector
Satellite Outputs : Connectors for 2 or 4 Control 42C
satellite speakers
Included Accessories : C-rings, tile rails, paint shield,
cutout template, grille
Dimensions (Diameter x Depth) : 332mm Diameter x 338mm Diameter Depth (13.1 in x 13.3 in)

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