The Control 47HC features a narrow 75° coverage pattern ideal for use in highly reverberant spaces and high ceiling applications. This focused pattern helps minimize sound reflecting off of room surfaces as well as, time arrival anomalies from adjacent loudspeakers resulting in improved speech intelligibility. The Control 47HC features the same sonic character the Control 47C/T and is ideal for busy transit centers or large convention center spaces.

Features :
Well-Defined Narrow Coverage Pattern,
Ideal for High Ceilings
Provides Improved Sound Quality/Intelligibility
in Reverberant Spaces
Proprietary Conical RBI® Technology for
Consistent Pattern Control
Elegant design fits any décor

Specifications :
Frequency Range : 55 Hz – 17 kHz
Power Capacity : 150W program,
75W pink noise
Sensitivity : 93 dB, 1W, 1m
70V/100V Taps : 60W, 30W
15W (7.5W at 70V only)
Coverage : Defined 75° conical,
consistent broadband
Nominal Impedance : 8 ohms
Component : 6.5 inch (135 mm)
woofer, 1″ tweeter
Termination : Screw-down removable )
locking barrier strip
Included Accessories : C-rings, tile rails,
paint shield, cutout template,
Suspension Tabs : Three, on top panel
Dimensions )
(Diameter x Depth) : 332mm Diameter x 351mm Diameter Depth (13.1 in x 13.8 in)

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