The Creston® C2NI-AG CresLight II Keypad is developed and made in Italy. Elegant in their simplicity with style and design in mind opens up a whole new world of experience in control. A gentle press on the Creslight II Keypad glass surface is all it takes to operate lights, shades, audio and much more.

RGB LED Feedback

Button LED feedback can be set individually, you have the option in using seven different colours. This provides the user with an even more intuitive user interface to a wide variety of applications such as alarm feedback, do-not-disturb, night and day, etc.

Backlit LED

The backlit LED feedback can be set individually by choosing seven colours, providing the user a useful and intuitive interface. The seven different colours of backlight offer a user to choose the better colour to match the paint of the wall or the style of the room. The colour can be set by night and day or other user’s needs.

Euro Mount

Creslight II Keypads are designed for installation in a single-gang UK, European style wall box, standard J-box or Italian 503 electrical box. They can also be mounted into virtually any flat surface without requiring a back box. They are available in a choice of white or black glass finishes. On request other colours of glass faceplates are possible, RAL reference.

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