Ekran Projekcyjny Adeo Basic Tensio CTS



Integrated motorized tensioned screen without casing. This screen has been developed for professional installation, where the casing is not required.

Easy to install with installation brackets into the sides, is a screen that can be placed on wall or on ceiling in almost every spaces. Basic Tensio can count on the CTS (Constant Tensio System), which ensures the constant self-tensioning of the screen by means of two counterweights hooked onto hinges placed at the end of the screen lower bar, devised for tensioning rigid cables threaded through lateral eyelets.

The screen can be supplied with standard motor or in RI version, with all surfaces available for motorized screen version and in version tensio all white.


Create your own screen with PSS (Personal Screen System):

  • Personalized dimensions: width and height
  • Roller type: motorized or radio integrated
  • Case: available only without case
  • Aspect ratios: 1:1 – 4:3 – 16:10 – 16:9 – 21:9 – 2.37:1 – 2.39:1 – 2.40:1
  • Viewing area width: from 200 to 550 cm
  • Projection surfaces: ReferenceWhite, ReferenceGrey, VisionWhite, VisionWhitePro, VisionAcoustik, VisionMacroAcoustik, VisionRear DB, VisionRear only without black borders
  • Height of the drop: from 7 to 45 cm
  • Projection surface fall: front or rear with optional reverse-roll installation
  • Side of command/motor: right or left



Standard Accessories:

  • Kit of side installation brackets
  • 1 switch with directional arrows, inclusive of wall mount hood
  • 1 plastic hex wrench

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