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Ample open spaces, sumptuous shows, highly effective installations: meet Cinema.

Our careful research into materials has led to the creation of extremely robust profiles capable of sustaining a base size of up to 24 m. The screen has been further improved with the inclusion of structural bars every 4 or 5 m, increasing the stability of the inner structure.

Even the fabric-anchoring system has been redesigned to make assembly operations quicker and simpler: a very important aspect when mounting such imposing screens.

To lend the frame a modern look and to ensure it harmonises with its surroundings, the aluminium frame is completely enveloped in the fabric, which is fastened directly to the frame via a new anchoring system.

Cinema can be equipped with front-projection surfaces of the Adeo Screen range which, in products of this size (base Width from 7 to 24 m), are welded vertically.



Standard Accessories:

  • Kit with wall- or ceiling-mount brackets
  • Kit containing: elastics, iron rods and sliders for the assembly of the surface
  • For the assembly of the frame: angles complete with screws and nuts

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