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FrameLess: the stylish screen. FrameLess is a borderless model whose sophisticated aesthetics create an optical illusion, with the screen blending into the wall on which it is mounted.

The projection surface hides the back frame from view, lending the screen a linear and minimal appearance.

What is immediately striking about Frameless is the use of an innovative structural solution featuring a special aluminium profile (108×32 mm) that prevents distortion and ensures absolute flatness of the projection screen.

Tensioning being a key factor during projection, we have implemented a system for anchoring the canvas with metal springs that keep the projection fabric firmly stretched over time, avoiding any risk of rippling or creasing.

FrameLess is ideally suited both for home installations – where a width of up to 4m is usually the most in demand – and for professional environments, such as hotels, meeting or conference rooms, where a base size of up to 7m is required.

Frameless is available with all our front-projection surfaces and comes with a magnet anchoring kit for wall-flush installation.



Standard Accessories:

  • Kit with wall- or ceiling-mount brackets
  • Kit containing: elastics, iron rods and sliders for the assembly of the surface
  • For the assembly of the frame: angles complete with screws and nuts

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