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OnSuperior Tensio FTS is the screen born to meet the needs to install screens on very high walls or ceilings and to enable the projection light to be lowered to suit the spectator correctly.

The newly designed casing is suitable for on-wall or on-ceiling installation, features the new tensioning system with double lower bar and patented FTS™ Floating Tensio System OnSuperior is available with a viewing area base up to 4500 mm and can also be supplied in a tensioned version without black borders.

FTS™ Floating Tensio System

Tensioning system consisting of a double lower bar and tensioning cables. Lower bar consist of two weights, one of which is responsible for the vertical force of the material and the other associated with the tensioning cable system is responsible for the flatness of the material horizontally..


Create your own screen with PSS (Personal Screen System):

  • Personalized dimensions: width and height
  • Roller type: motorized or radio integrated
  • Case: available only with case
  • Case colour: available in white, black or custom color
  • Aspect ratios: 4:3 – 16:10 – 16:9 – 21:9 – 2.37:1 – 2.40:1
  • Viewing area width: from 200 to 450 cm
  • Projection surfaces: ReferenceWhite, ReferenceGrey, VisionWhite, VisionWhitePro, VisionAcoustik, VisionRear DB, VisionRear only without black borders
  • Height of the drop: from 5 to 140 cm.
  • Projection surface drop: back fall only – reverse roll available
  • Side of command/motor: right or left

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