Ekran Projekcyjny Adeo Round



„Immersive Communication” is a cutting-edge technique for promoting and extending knowledge, not only in museums but also in teaching.

Whether projecting historical/scientific content, flight simulation, or a videogame, our Round screen can engage visitors in a totally immersive experience.

Round is fitted with a special profile that enables very small curvature radii, so that simulator users or museum visitors can be enveloped and transported into a simulated reality of great visual and emotional impact.

Thanks to our wide range of sizes – 2 m to 20 m in diameter, 30° to 360° angle – Round can be customised to meet specific Customer requirements. Round features a 108x32mm frame profile completely wrapped in projection fabric in such a way that the viewer’s attention is not distracted, and the projected image is linear and clean.

A crucial aspect in this particular application is the tensioning of the projection surface, ensured via our special spring system. The screen includes a kit of pedestals for temporary suspended installation, and brackets for definitive floor anchoring.

Upon request we supply a lower black top for the fabric to continue to floor-length.

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