The ESC-2 Ethernet to Serial Converter provides a convenient way to add two
RS-232 ports to an RTI XP series control processor. Wire the ESC-2 to the local Ethernet network with standard cat-5 cable and it will offer full two-way control, as if the device was wired directly to the control processor. Two built-in RJ-45 jacks and the included RJ-45 to DB9 adapters allow efficient cat5 cabling between the ESC-2 and the device being controlled.* This allows full RS-232 control virtually anywhere there is access to an Ethernet network connection.

*NOTE: Cabling from the ESC-2 to the device being controlled is limited to 30-70 feet depending on baud rate and other factors.

Power +5VDC, 1.0A
Serial (RS-232) Ports Two, RJ45
Includes two RJ-45 to DB9 adapters
Ethernet Port One, RJ-45
Enclosure ABS Plastic
Mounting Wall-mount or free standing
Dimensions (H x W x D) W/tabs 2.8 (71mm) x 1.8 (45mm) x 1.0 (25mm)
Weight 1.7oz (50g)
Warranty One Year (Parts & Labor)

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