Głośnik sufitowy Ecler eIC51-F

Fast-mounting In-ceiling Loudspeaker

ECLER eIC51-F is a cost-effective in-ceiling installation loudspeaker with a great sound performance and a Fast-mounting system. It features a 4.5″ woofer and 70/100V line transformer with 3 and 6 W power options.

Key Features:

  • One-way ABS loudspeaker
  • 6 WRMS
  • 5″ woofer
  • Fast-mounting system
  • Built-in audio transformer for 70/100 V use
  • Connection via terminal Block


  • Corporate and residential buildings
  • Commercial premises
  • Leisure centres
  • Health and sports centres
  • Meeting and conference rooms
  • Auditoriums, museums

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