The FC−132ETH is an advanced Ethernet control gateway and serial communication matrix, capable of plug and play deployment over a customer Ethernet LAN. Serving as an advanced serial communication matrix, the FC−132ETH has 32 RS−232 and one RS−232/RS−485 output ports. Serial communication data is switchable to one or more of the eight RS−232 input ports. This can be done according to local control of panel buttons or RS−232 control port, or remote control via Ethernet port control protocol or web−page browsing. Depending on matrix routing, one−to−one bidirectional or one−to−many unidirectional serial switched communication is supported. Serving as a control gateway, FC−132ETH is capable of remote bidirectional control of customer−controlled devices serially connected to its 32 RS−232 and one RS−232/RS−485 input ports. Multiple control clients can be IP−connected to the FC−132ETH control gateway for concurrent control of two RS−232 or RS−485 controllable devices, such as AV scalers, video displays, and audio amplifiers.


  • Remote IP control of serial controlled devices
  • K-Touch multi-clients IP room control
  • LAN-based expansion of K-Config control system
  • Conference room presentations
  • Advertising applications
  • Rental and staging


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