Power over DM® (PoDM) is a feature of Crestron® DigitalMedia 8G+™ technology that enables operating power for DM 8G+™ transmitters and receivers to be carried alongside video, audio, and data signals over a single CAT5e cable. As part of a complete DM system, PoDM can be used to deliver a centralized power distribution solution for a facility full of transmitter and receiver devices, eliminating all the bulky power packs and reducing the number of AC power outlets normally required at every device location.

The DM-PSU-16 provides power for up to sixteen PoDM powered devices. It is designed to install at the central switcher location, occupying just a single rack space and requiring just one AC power outlet. Each of its sixteen POWER ports connects to the POE IN port of a DMC-C input card, DMC-C-DSP input card, or DMCO-5 Series output card. A full 15.4 Watts is supplied by each port to handle sixteen Class 0-3 PoDM devices simultaneously. Connections between the DM-PSU-16 and switcher are made using ordinary CAT5e cables terminated with RJ45 connectors (not included). Front panel LEDs indicate when each port is supplying power to a PoDM powered device.

The DM-PSU-16 is also compatible with HDBaseT™ specifications, and may be used to power PoH (Power over HDBaseT) powered devices that are connected to the DM switcher in the same manner as a PoDM powered device. PoDM is based on IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at Type 1 specifications and is similar in concept to PoE (Power over Ethernet), but is intended specifically for use with DM 8G+ based systems.

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