Mikser Ecler eMIMO1616

Installation Digital Matrix

ECLER ESSENTIALS eMIMO1616 is a digital audio matrix with 16 input and 16 output analogue channels. The input channels are: 4 channels for MIC/MONO LINE, 4 channels for ST LINE and 8 channels for MONO LINE received on the unit’s REMOTE ports, from wall panels Emcontrol1. The 16 output channels can be set up individually (MONO zones) or in pairs (STEREO zones). 8 REMOTE ports for connecting monitoring wall panels + sending audio from the zones. 2 ports for connecting pager consoles. 2 audio signal priority levels (talkover/pager). Programming by integrated web server and standard web navigator, without the need to install additional software. Remote control for the user with the eMIMO pilot application, available for Android and iOS devices.

Key Features:

  • 16×16 digital matrix
  • Programming and control by integrated web server and standard web navigator (no additional software required).
  • Control from the front panel and user remote control by:
  • ->eMCONTROL1 wall panels (up to 8)
  • ->eMPAGE warning consoles (up to 2)
  • ->eMIMO pilot application, compatible with Android and iOS: control graphic panels set to user requirements
  • ->TP-NET protocol for control and integrating with third party systems
  • Control available, by zone (output):
  • ->selection of audio source (input)
  • ->volume adjustment and MUTE
  • ->3 band tone adjustment.
  • Input distribution, by type:
  • ->4 x ST LINE
  • ->4 x MICRO / MONO LINE with priority function that can be activated
  • ->8 x MONO LINEA available in REMOTE ports, from wall panels and eMCONTROL1.
  • Priority function with two levels:
  • ->inputs 5 to 8 MIC/LINE can attenuate (or completely mute) the sound content present (program audio) in specific target zones (emergency messages, warnings, etc.)
  • ->in Talkover mode
  • ->in Pager mode.
  • MUTE port can be activated by closing the external dry contact, affecting programmed outputs to this effect


  • Solutions for background music and notices with message priority and selection of source/independent volume.
  • Public address system for corporate spaces, catering, leisure centres, outlets, public buildings, etc.

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