Monitor LG 23SE3TE

  • Key Features
  • Brightness(Typ.): 250 cd/m²
  • Bezel Width (On Bezel): 22.9 mm (T), 23.8 mm (B), 21.5 mm (L/R)
  • Depth: 53 mm
  • Interface : HDMI, RGB, USB (UP, for Touch), Headphone Out
  • Available Size:23″

Multi Touch for Versatile Uses

LG’s cutting edge P-Cap touch technology enables the display to recognize up to 10 simultaneous touches. As a means of communication with customers, the 23SE3TE is the optimal choice for various applications.

Compatibility with Windows 8 Touch Driver

Compatible with all PCs and laptops in which a Windows 8 OS is installed, the touch function is easily implemented using USB plug-and-play.
Users are able to apply their Windows-based solutions without difficulties.

Landscape & Portrait Mode

The 23SE3TE supports both landscape and portrait mode, allowing it to be oriented in the desired position.

Easy Wall Mounting

Based on VESA TM standards, it can be easily attached to the wall using a dedicated wall bracket without the need for additional wall mount casing.

Super Energy Saving

The LG’s Super Energy Saving feature ensures the lower power consumption by controlling the backlight and adjusting screen brightness.

16/7 days Operation

The display supports 16/7 operation, which enables reliable and effective operation.


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