Monitor LG 49LS73D

Key Features:

  • Brightness(Typ.): 500 cd/m²
  • Bezel: 7.4 mm Even Bezel
  • Depth: 32 mm
  • Interface: HDMI (2), DVI-D, DP, RJ45. IR / Light sensor, RS232C, Pixel Sensor, USB 3.0, Audio

Quad Core SoC*

The high-performance SoC can execute several tasks at the same time and provides smooth content playback.

webOS 3.0

The webOS 3.0 platform provides powerful and convenient creation tools, including app development materials.

Group Manager

Content can be created, distributed and controlled by a signage without a dedicated PC or server.

PBP (Picture-By-Picture) /  PIP (Picture-In-Picture)

PBP (Picture-By-Picture) and PIP (Picture-In-Picture) features enable you to compose various layouts for several digital devices.

IP Streaming Protocol

Various types of IP video streaming protocol are supported, such as RTSP/RTP, MMS, HLS and MPEG-2 TS*.

Secure Communication Protocol

By supporting HTTPS* protocol, communication between server and signage is more secure.

Proxy Server

Web access speed and security can be improved by supporting Proxy Server (A server that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers.)


Content sharing is more convenient on a Wi-Fi network.


The LS73D with SoftAP software can operate as a wireless access point for mobile devices.

Simple Installation

Installation has been simplified by removing
the external media player and Ethernet/ RS232C cables.


With BEACON and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) supported by LS73D*, retail stores can provide coupons and information in real time. When Wi-Fi dongle is connnected, the BEACON is available.

Slimmer Even Bezel & Depth

The thinner bezel & depth allows a perfect fit for a sleek look.

Detachable Logo

Portrait mode allows the logo to be positioned in the desired setting.


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