Monitor LG 49SH7PE-H

Key Features:

  • Brightness(Typ.) : 665 cd/m²
  • Bezel : 11.9 mm (T/L/R), 18.0 mm (B)
  • Depth : 54 mm
  • Interface : HDMI(2), DVI-D, RGB, USB, RJ45, RS232C, IR
  • Built-in Speaker(10W+10W)
  • Haze 28%, OPS Power Built-in, EMC Class „B”

Outstanding Clarity and Unifomity

The SH7PE-H series creates entertaining and memorable experiences for customers while delivering clear and vivid content under brightly lit locations. Its built-in OPS power enables a single cable connection and a tidy appearance, which is especially important in places with heavy foot traffic, such as airports, train stations, or QSRs.

Clear View with Non-glare Coating

Viewers can be annoyed by unnecessary reflections when watching a screen under brightly lit conditions. The SH7PE-H series has resolved such inconveniences by increasing the level of haze, which enhances visibility and text readability.

High Visibility

The 700 cd/m² brightness is enough to stand out against the surrounding background, so the display can attract passerby and delivers content vividly and effectively under brightly lit condition.

A Single Cable for OPS/Display

The SH7PE-H series is a OPS* built-in power model. The power for both OPS player and the display is provided through a single cable, enabling a sleek look with a slimmer structure.

Easy Cable Management

The well-organized cable terminals and holes in the back help make managing cables easy, and give a neat and tidy appearance.

Lower Electromagnetic Waves

The SH7PE series complies with ‘EMC Class B’, which ensures lower electromagnetic wave emission, fostering a more pleasant environment for customers who spend long hours in places

Conformal Coating

The product can be often unavoidably exposed to dust and water during maintenance. Conformal coating on power board eliminates such circumstances by protecting it against dust, iron powder, humidity, etc.

User-Friendly Menu for Digital Signage

With the signage dedicated home menu, users can check key information related to displays at a glance. On the bottom, the content management menu is provided, letting you explore and play available content and set playlists with desired

Detachable Logo & Built-in Speaker

The detachable logo makes it easy for the user to arrange the signage. Also, sounds can be played from built-in speakers, offering viewers various multi-media experiences.

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