Features :
18 inch, 2044G driver for extended low-frequency output
Large vent area for reduced distortion
Low profile and compact
Tough DuraFlexT finish enclosure

Specifications :
Power Rating : 500 W / 1000 W / 2000 W
Frequency Range : 40 Hz – 200 Hz
(H x W x D) : 560 mm x 535 mm x 700 mm
(22 in x 21 in x 27.5 in)
Frequency Response : 45 Hz – 200 Hz
Nominal Impedance : 4 ohms
Sensitivity : 94 dB SPL;
100 dB SPL
Rated Maximum SPL : 127 dB SPL (133 dB SPL)* Calculated on half space condition
Weight : 32.5 kg (72 lb)
Low Frequency Driver : 1 x JBL 2044G 457 mm

Applications :
Live performance venues
Mobile and fixed DJ systems
The MRX518S is a compact, high power subwoofer system containing a 2044G 457 mm (18″) woofer in a front-loaded, vented enclosure. The enclosure is designed to present a minimum frontal area. The system offers complete input connection flexibility for compatibility with a variety of cabling schemes.
The input panel incorporates a pair of Neutrik® Speakon® NL-4 connectors wired in parallel. The MRX518S is supplied with pins +1/-1 connected to the woofer. This may be easily reconfigured to work with cabling systems intended to drive subwoofers on pins +2/-2. For „Subwoofer/Satellite” configurations, the MRX518S is equipped with a top-mounted, 36 mm pole mount socket that can receive the optional SS3-BK pole. This can be used to mount speakers equipped with standard 35 mm pole sockets and weighing up to 50 kg (100 lbs). The enclosure is constructed of top quality plywood, coated in JBL’s rugged DuraFlexT finish and is braced to maximize low-frequency performance. The attractive CNC-machined, 16-gauge steel grille is internally lined with an acoustically transparent screen to provide additional driver protection and give a very professional appearance.

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