The DN-500C CD / iPod player allows greater control over audio than a simple consumer CD player with playback capabilities tailored for professional use. The  500C integrates traditional CD playback and a fully retractable iPod dock with helpful features such as ‘power on play’ allowing a pre-selected source to be played automatically when the device receives power and a full numeric keypad that gives direct access to any track on the CD or program list.

The DN-500C has an on-board BPM counter which can be checked simultaneously with Pitch control usage ideal for fitness and exercise or dance classes. An additional Master Key function allows the original key of the music to be maintained while the tempo is being altered, useful for any musical/singing applications when playing back using a CD.

Disc sources aren’t restricted either, with the flexibility to play audio data from CD-R/RWs (including WAV and MP3), which is ideal for use with the pitch controls. Additionally, the DN-500C allows connection of a variety of external devices to the front via the aux input, including: laptops, smartphones, MP3 players and more. Furthermore, if you have an iPod, then simply dock it on the front mounted dock and easily playback files from the iPod directly using the transport controls or included IR remote of the DN-500C.

The front mounted dock isn’t limited to just iPod usage – when used with an iPhone® or iPod touch® there is a wealth of extra functionality that can be accessed through the brand new Denon Professional Pitch Control App (available to download from the App StoreSM). Playback and control the iPhone/iPod Touch music files via the app’s intuitive layout: from simply playing back music (via artist, title, album and playlist filters) to  using the touchscreen pitch or master key slider to increase or decrease the pitch/tempo as desired, plus the full control of playback, track selection, cue and frame search. Additional functionality of Master Key is included in the App, allowing the musical key to be maintained while changing the tempo of the music.

“Programmable playback” retains a specific playlist and avoids the inconvenience of skipping through albums and playlists, while the “cue” function lets the user select the desired playback start position for each track. The EOM (End of Message) function warns the user of the time left per track, between 10 & 90 seconds, allowing preparation for the next track or event.

The DN-500C lends itself perfectly to any installation where having complete control of the music with total ease-of-use is essential. From gyms and exercise facilities where the pace governs the difficulty of the class, all the way to musical education where songs are required to be played and slowed down to help aid learning. All of these and much more make the DN-500C a versatile and long lasting audio player that suits most medium scale installs that demand control and flexibility.

“Made for iPod” and “Made for iPhone” mean that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPod, or iPhone, respectively, and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards.  Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards.
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  • CD Section
    • Type: Single-mechanism compact disc player
    • Audio channel: 2 channel stereo
    • Quantization: 16-bit Linear
    • Sampling frequency: 44.1kHz at Normal Pitch
    • Oversampling ratio: 8 times
    • Frequency response: 20 to 20,000 Hz
    • Total harmonic distortion: 0.007%
    • Signal–to–noise ratio: 107dB
    • Dynamic range: 98dB
    • Channel separation: 90dB
    • Analog output: RCA jacks
    • Output level: 2.0V at 0dB disc
    • Load impedance: 10kΩ or more
    • Digital output: RCA jack
    • Signal format: SPDIF or IEC-958 type II
    • Variable pitch control: +16% maximum
    • Frame search accuracy: 1/75 second
    • Discs: Standard compact discs (12cm and 8cm)
  • AUX Section
    • Stereo mini jack: Unbalanced jack
    • Reference input level: –16dBV
    • Maximum input level: 0dBV
    • Input impedance: 22kΩ
  • Headphone Output
    • Output level: 20mW
    • Load impedance: 32Ω
  • General
    • Power supply
      • 120V AC +10%, 60 Hz (U.S.A. and Canada models)
      • 230V AC +10%, 50/60 Hz (EU, U.K., and Asia/Pacific models)
    • Power consumption: 15W
  • Environmental Conditions
    • Operational temperature: 5 to 35°C (41 to 95°F)
    • Operational humidity: 25 to 85% (no condensation)

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