Półka Extron RSU 129


The Extron RSU 129 Universal Rack Shelf Kit for 9.5″ Deep Products holds two 1U high, half-rack width products or up to eight eighth-rack width Extron products side by side. This 19 inch 1U 9.5″ deep rack shelf includes three front false faceplates: one eighth-rack, one quarter-rack width and one half-rack width. The false faceplate can hide any open slot on the shelf. The kit is available in powder coat gray. The underside of products mount to the shelf using the included hardware.


Key Features

  • Holds combinations of eighth-rack, quarter-rack, or half-rack width Extron products
  • Includes mounting holes for 3”, 6”, and 9.5” deep products
  • Includes three false faceplates: one eighth-rack width, one quarter-rack width, and one half-rack width
  • Underside of products mount to the shelf using the included hardware
  • Available in a gray powder coat finish

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