Powermixer ECLER eHMA240

Powered Mixer

ECLER ESSENTIALS eHMA240 is a self-powered audio mixer including 2 MIC inputs, 2 MIC/LINE ST inputs and 2 LINE ST inputs. It features a 240W powered mono output that supports both low (4 Ω) and high impedance (70V, 100V) loudspeaker lines, with independent 4-ZONE ON/OFF switches (ZONE 1, ZONE 2, ZONE 3 & ZONE 4). It also includes an audio priority system (voice messages, emergencies, etc.) available in 4 inputs, Pager and embedded Chime function (compatible with 1 zone paging microphones), phantom power, remote control port (compatible with WPm series wall panels), AUX/REC output, 2 band tone control, auto stand-by mode, and MUTE port. Compatible with the rack-mount accessory 2UHRMKIT, to mount it in standard 19” racks.

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