Cyfrowy panel sterujący eMCONTROL1

Cyfrowy panel sterujący eMCONTROL1

Digital Remote Control

ECLER eMCONTROL1 is a digital wall control, compatible with eMIMO1616, configurable through the web application embedded in the eMIMO1616. It allows you to configure source selection, volume control and equalization for a given zone, including all or some of the functions.
It can be combined with a WPa series wall panel, connecting both with a single CAT5 cable or better to the eMIMO1616, transmitting the mono and balanced audio signal (line level) along with the necessary control data and DC power supply.

Key Features:

  • Digital control panel compatible with eMIMO1616
    • Volume adjustment, source selection and EQ (programmable)
    • Compatible with WPa series panels with audio connector, for sending audio and control signals over a single CAT5 cable or better
    • Styling designed in collaboration with Italdesign Giugiaro
    • Remote control, managing source selection / preset selection, volume control and MUTE or other programmable functions (depending on attached devices)

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