Skrzynka Dziennikarska AudioPressBox APB-008 SB-EX


A professional portable press box (Audio Splitter) expander suitable for both indoor and outdoot press conferences.
It features 1 Line Input and 8 Line/MIC outputs.
Each Output is independet transformer balanced and isolated.
It also has a link Output so you can daisy chain 3 of them in a row per 1 expander output on a drive unit giving you a total of 24 Line/MIC outputs.
The biggest advantage is that the total length of the cable in the daisy chain can go up to 500m so this way you can cover any type or shapre of a room.



  • 1 balanced Input for APB drive unit with link Output for another expander unit
  • 8 High quality balanced Outputs, each Output is independent transformer isolated
  • Each Output is switchable between LINE or MIC Output level.
  • You can connect 3x APB-008 SB-EX in a row and make a daisy chain. Cable length goes up to 300m.



Audio Press Box APB-008 SB-EX
Input connectorsballanced, XLR
Ouputs8x Line/MIC level
Output connectorsballanced, XLR-M connector
Transfomer isolated outputsYes (each output)
Nominal Output levelMIC: -20dBu
LINE: +6 dBu
Output ImpedanceMIC: 220Ω
LINE: 600Ω

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