Skrzynka Dziennikarska AudioPressBox APB-448 SB


A professional portable active press box (Audio Splitter) suitable for both indoor and outdoor press conferences.
It features 4 MIC/Line Inputs (A,A+B,B) and 48 Line/Mic Outputs.
Each Output is independet transformer balanced and isolated.
What is more, it can also be used for bilingual conferences as it features 2 separate channels A and B.
Each input can be routed to channel A or channel B or both at the same time.
There is a bus A with 24 Line/MIC outputs and bus B with 24 Line/MIC outputs.
The APB-448 SB also includes a rechargable AccuPack so it can run on its own up to 8 hours.
It also serves as a drive unit because it has 4 buffered expander Outputs and can power additional 96 Line/MIC Outputs.
You can connect any of our expanders to it.
So with this unit you can route route 4 individual inputs to up to 144 Line/MIC Outputs! 



  • 4 MIC (phantom power) / LINE Inputs – balanced with gain control and 26dB PAD
  • Each Input is routable to A/(A+B)/B Outputs Group
  • 48 High quality independent transformer balanced and isolated outputs
  • Each Output is switchable between MIC or LINE level
  • 2 internal Output Groups: 24x Output A and 24x Output B
  • 2 separate buffered A and B Outputs for driving up to 48 channels of passive
    extenders: APB-024 R-EX, APB-008 IW/OW, APB 008FB, APB P008 IW/OW or
  • Switchable High-Pass filter for each Input channel
  • Switchable Compressor and Limiter for each Input channel
  • PFL/AFL for each Input/Output channel
  • Constant level Test signal oscillator with no mistake switch operation
  • Headphones control Output for PFL/AFL
  • Li-Ion AccuPack with microprocessor controlled battery management
  • 8 hour full load capacity. Note: AccuPack is placed inside the unit




Audio Press Box APB-448SB
Type4 in 48 out
Input section
Input connectorsBalanced, XLR
Input GainMIC +22/+62 dBLINE -4/+36 dB
Max. input levelLimiter ON
Mic: -10/-30dBu
Line: +36/-4dBu
Limiter OFF
Mic: -2/-42dBu
Line: +24/-16dBu
Phantom Voltage48V
Input ImpedanceMic: 2,4 kOhmLine: 3,5 kOhm
Output section
Outputs48 Line/MIC level (24x Output A, 24x Output B)
Output connectorsBalanced, XLR
Nominal Output Level+6dBu
Maximum Output Level+20dBu (no load)
+14dBu (600kOhm)
Output impedanceMic: 220 OhmLine: 600 Ohm
Transformer isolated outputsYes (each output)
Frequency Response30/160Hz (filter) to 30kHz/-1dB
ControlsInput section: 26dB PAD, Input gain, Phantom, High-pass filter, Compressor, PFL, routing switchOutput section: Oscilator, Output level for bus A and bus B, AFL for Bus A and Bus B, Phones level, Power, Output PAD
IndicatorsInput section: Input clip, Phantom power, Input level, Gain reduction, PFLOutput section: Output level for Bus A and Bus B, Oscilator, Power,Battery status
Power Supply24V DC, 300mA external adaptor
BatteryLi-Ion, 14,4 V 2200mAh (optional)
Battery opeation timemin.6 hrs
Dimensions (WxHxD)435x280x140mm
Weight6,8 kg

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