Skrzynka Dziennikarska AudioPressBox APB-D100


A professional portable active press box drive unit (Audio Splitter) serving as a source for AudioPressBox expanders.
It features 1 Line Input and 2 buffered expander Outputs.
It is a 1 channel drive unit with purpose of feeding any of our expanders.
This drive unit can power up to 48 Line/MIC outputs.
You can connect any of our expanders to it.



  • Portable Drive Unit
  • 1 Balanced LINE Input
  • Switchable High-Pass filter
  • Switchable Compressor and Limiter for Input channel
  • 2 separately buffered Outputs that can drive 6x APB-008 or 2x APB-024 Output expanders.
  • Maximum drive capacity 48 Line or Mic Outputs.




Audio Press Box APB-D100
Type1 IN/ 2 Drive OUT for 6xAPB 8-Output expanders or 2xAPB 24-Output expander

Note: Total capacity: 48 Line/Mic outputs (6x APB-008 xx-EX or 2x APB-024 R-EX) or 576 Mic Outputs (48x APB-P112 SB)

Input section
Input connectorsBalanced, XLR
Max. input levelLine: +32/+2dBu
Input Impedance>5kOhm
Output section
Outputs2 separately buffered, balanced outputs for AudioPressBox expanders
Output connectorsBalanced, XLR
Nominal Output Level+6 dBu
Maximum Output Level+20dBu with 48 Outputs in use
+16dBu (600kOhm)
Output impedanceMic: 220 OhmLine: 600 Ohm
Transformer isolated outputs:Yes (each EXPANDER output is Independant Transformer Isolated)
SNR86dB at 0dB Gain
78dB at +20dB Gain
Frequency Response30/160Hz (filter) to 60kHz/-1dB
ControlsInput gain, Compressor and Limiter, High Pass Filter, Power
IndicatorsInput clip, Output level, Gain reduction, Power
Power Supply24V DC, 300mA external adaptor

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