Diversity bodypack receiver with two matched antennas
Reference radio electronic design with signal attenuator to ensure reliable transmission
Premium audio quality with ultra linear frequency response
Enhanced automatic setup shows number of free channels
Preset groups support TV channels
Quick frequency change for monitor engineers
High-end and powerful headphone amplifier
Combined on/off and volume control for ease of use
Stereo, Mono and Dual mode for individual mix
Rugged metal housing
The SPR4500 IEM bodypack receiver features a rugged die-cast aluminum case. Auto Setup function for finding clean frequencies make setting up extremely easy.

Pre-programmed frequency preset groups support TV channels and ensure an easy and reliable system setup. Up to 14 intermodulation-free channels* can be used within a 30 MHz wide UHF band. In addition, up to 1200 frequencies can be selected manually.

The enhanced frequency setup shows the number of free channels, and new preset groups support TV channels. The quick frequency change function supports monitor engineers throughout performances to make their projects easily adjustable.

The only control the artist needs to operate is an ergonomically shaped volume control with integrated on/off switch. Placed in the center of the SPR4500 IEM top panel, the volume control with its clearly discernible detents can be operated intuitively even if it is positioned outside the user’s field of vision.

The SPR4500 IEM provides a backlit display and jog control for ease of use. The display indicates the received signal strength and battery status along with other parameters.

Receivers are powered by two AA size Alkaline (LR6), Lithium (FR6), AKG BP 4000 µC controlled battery pack or Ni-MH rechargeable (HR6) batteries and provide up to 10 hours of continuous operation. Integrated charging contacts allow the optional BP4000 battery pack to remain inside the receiver whilst being charged on the CU4000 charger (optional). The BP4000 will be charged to full capacity in only one hour, and can power the SPR4500 IEM for about seven hours.

To accommodate the individual preferences of users, the SPR4500 IEM has been designed to drive a large number of different types of low impedance earphones.

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