True diversity receiver with all-metal case
Available in eight UHF bands 30 MHz wide each, with up to 1,200 selectable frequencies
Using several frequency bands allows up to 70 channels to be operated simultaneously.
Transmitter battery status monitoring and tone code squelch
Auto Setup, Environment Scan, and Rehearsal functions for quick and easy setup
Backlit, programmable color display and jog wheel with selectable warning signal for ease of use
Output for controlling external devices
Integrated data interface for controlling and monitoring from a PC via System Architect”
The SR 4500 true diversity receiver provides maximum ease of use and the widest range of functions in its class. Its accurate battery life readout is a previously unavailable, invaluable advantage in live sound applications. A complete line of accessories makes the SR 4500 your first choice for every application. The transmitter uses a pilot tone to transmit battery status data to the receiver that displays the remaining battery capacity. The pilot tone decoder also allows the detection and display of other important information including the current position of the transmitter MUTE switch.

Auto Setup and Environment Scan functions automatically analyze the local RF environment, find usable frequency groups, and set frequencies. The optional HUB 4000 Q integrates the SR 4500 into a HiQnet® system. With the PC control software System Architect” setting up and monitoring highly complex systems is incredibly easy. A logic output allows remote control of external devices, e.g., an automatic microphone mixer.

Naturally, the SR 4500 operates in an extremely wide UHF band (30 MHz) and each frequency preset provides up to 19 intermodulation-free channels*. The maximum number of selectable frequencies is 1200. Using several frequency bands allows you to operate as many as 70 channels simultaneously. A large, backlit color display and a jog wheel make the SR 4500 easy to use and a programmable LED ring indicates important system parameters at a glance.

Housed in a half-rack, all-metal case, the SR 4500 is the most compact, reliable, and powerful UHF receiver in its price bracket.

The SR 4500 is fully compatible to its predecessor SR 4000. It offers two additional frequency bands in the range of 500 to 530 and 570 to 600 MHz, which give you even more flexibility in multichannel applications.

HiQnet® – System Architect
With the optional HUB 4000 Q, AKG wireless systems can be integrated into a HiQnet® system. The wireless system can be remote-controlled and monitored with the Harman control software System Architect” (from a PC), the AKG Wireless iPhone App (from an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad) or VM2 (from a Soundcraft Vi mixing console). The setup and configuration of the frequency management of a multichannel wireless system is incredibly easy within the System Architect” with tools like 1 Click Setup, RF Monitor, Device Manager and Environment Scan.

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