Features :
New 2269G Advanced Technology Component: Differential Drive® Neodymium Magnet, Dual Voice Coil, Direct Cooled” cone transducer with Ultra-Long Excursion capabilities
JBL DrivePack® technology delivers superb audio quality and robust high efficiency Class-I power, perfectly matched to the enclosure, with comprehensive digital signal processing.
Modular bay is fitted with DPDA digital audio input module, featuring BSS OmniDrive HD signal processing. Also accepts basic (non-networked, analog) dbx input module or optional Crown networked input modules.
World-wide AC line voltages are automatically selected for 50 or 60 Hz.
Advanced construction techniques using JBL PlyMax® provide exceptionally rigid, lightweight enclosure
Rugged DuraFlex” exterior finish; Weatherized loudspeaker cone.
Patented, integrated S.A.F.E” suspension system: premium heat-treated alloys provide rigid, reliable hanging arrays designed for vertical orientation at various angles.

Specifications :
Frequency Range : 25 Hz – 160 Hz (-10 dB)
Frequency Response : 34 Hz – 125 Hz (-3 dB)
Power Rating : 3600W Peak
1800W Continuous
Maximum Peak Output : 131 dB SPL, 1m
Bandpass Nominal Impedance : 4 ohm
Dimensions (W x H x D) : 787 mm x 569 mm x 800 mm
(31 in x 22.4 in x 31.5 in)
Net Weight : 62.2 kg (137 lb.)

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