The AirPad works in conjunction with either the WiPG-1500 or the WiPG-2000,
both of which offer our interactive features like onscreen annotation or the interactive whiteboard.

If you are using the Enhanced BrowserSlides feature found on the WiPG-2000,
then your users can see and save your annotation back to their own device

wePresent wipg 2000

The USB bluetooth adapter plugs into the front USB port on the wePresent.
Immediately, you will have wireless control of your presentation.

AirPad Specifications

Standards Wireless 2.4G RF
Maximum 7~10 meters
Active Area (WxD) 5″ x 3″
resolution 4000 LPI
Report Rate 165 RPS
Reading Height 10 mm
LED Indicator 1 LED
Power Consumption 0.35 w
Dimensions (WxDxH) 194 x 190 x 18.5 mm
Weight 359 g

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