Immaculate sound performance, extremely reliable, maintenance-free this is how we would describe our latest REVAMP2120T. This 2-channel digital power amplifier provides 2 x 120 watts output power @ 100 volts or @ 4 ohms, that can easily be bridged into a powerful 240 watts @ 100 volts or 8 ohm single amplifier. The REVAMP2120T is a convection cooled class-D amplifier without built-in fans which implies that the amplifier is completely noiseless and dust-free at all times. The ergonomic and efficient 1U design has a galvanic separated toroidal output transformer built in to avert external influences & disturbances. During the configuration of the input gain the rear clip LED indicator can be used for a fast and easy installation. The multiple inputs and link connectors make the REVAMP2120T a versatile and installerfriendly amplifier superiour to any other in the fixed install market.


dynamic output power 4 ohms 2 x 120 watts RMS output power 4 ohms 2 x 120 watts
dynamic output power 8 ohms 2 x 60 watts RMS output power 8 ohms 2 x 60 watts
dynamic output power bridged 8 ohms 240 watts output power RMS bridged 8 ohms 240 watts
output power RMS 100 volts 2 x 120 watts output power RMS bridged 100 volts 240 watts
minimum impedance load per channel 4 ohms minimum impedance load bridged per channel 8 ohms
power consumption (max) 300 watts 19″ (483 mm wide) rack mounting yes
height- rack units (1U=44 mm) 1 U height 44 mm
depth (build in) 230 mm depth (incl front) 239 mm
power supply 115 – 230 VAC power supply technology switching mode power supply
output voltage tappings 100 -70 – 50 – 35 watts – 4 ohms output channels 2
line input balanced 2 line input unbalanced 2
channel separation > 65 dB @ 1 kHz power amp topology class-D
frequency response (in Hz) 50 – 20 k cooling system convectional
applicable in 100V yes applicable low impedance yes
Net weight product (kg) 6.1

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