Digital Player BrightSign XC2055

Digital Player BrightSign XC2055


Revolutionary Performance Across Multiple Screens

The XC5 is the secret to sophisticated, eye-catching video walls:

  • Maximized efficiency — Simple creation tools in a consolidated single multi-output player
  • Stunning visuals — 8K resolution video and high-speed 3D motion capabilities
  • Endless flexibility — Choose your ideal CMS from our trusted global network

All powered by BrightSignOS, offering unparalleled reliability, security, and sustainability.


Multi-Screen Mastery

  • Connect multiple screens to a single player with multiple HDMI outputs
  • Unify messaging across several displays throughout a venue
  • Power unique signage experiences by assigning different content to each HDMI output

Advanced Graphic Experiences

  • Deliver PC-class HTML experiences with powerful motion graphics
  • Improve user engagement with responsive multi-touch gestures
  • Power robust 3D motion graphics with augmented reality

Dramatic Direct View LED Displays

  • Play impressive 8K video and graphics
  • Display vibrant colors and deep contrast using high dynamic range video
  • Achieve energy efficiency while enjoying unmatched longevity and uptime

Simplified Video Walls

  • Create stunning video walls with a single player
  • Power immersive experiences with 8K video and graphics across multiple displays
  • Save time and money with simplified tools and single-player content distribution




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