Digital Player Brightsign XT245

Digital Player Brightsign XT245


Prime Performance

Elevates signage experiences with a perfect blend of motion graphics power, and cutting-edge video performance.

  • Exclusive HDMI input to easily integrate live video into signage
  • Efficient dual HDMI outputs and PoE+ to simplify dual screen setups
  • Breathtaking 8K HDR10 video & crystal clear 4k graphics


Dynamic Dashboards

  • Transform complex real-time data into captivating 3D visuals
  • Increase engagement with responsive multi-touch infographics
  • Easily communicate trending statistics with animating dashboards


Live TV Integrations

  • Effortlessly add live sports and news to engage and inform
  • Eliminate the hassles of integrating live camera feeds for weather and traffic
  • Easily maximize signage usage with seamless switching of video sources


Realistic Visual Experiences

  • Grab attention with stunning video quality from Full HD to brilliant 8K
  • Ensure lasting impressions with stunning video realism and vibrant colors in HDR
  • Easily display fine print and detailed graphics with 4K clarity and precision


Dual Screen Deployments

  • Boost efficiency and simplicity for 2-screen setups using a single player
  • Easily duplicate content per screen or assign diverse messaging to each one
  • Reduce installation complexity with a slim player that is powered over Ethernet
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